Day trip from Rome in Tuscany to Pienza and Montalcino

We go to Tuscany to discover the ancient town of Pienza and to enjoy the food and wine in Montalcino.

Day trips from rome to montalcino


Your English-speaking driver will pick you up at your hotel in Rome and whisk you away from the chaos of the city.  

Pienza, located in Val d'Orcia and near Siena in Tuscany, is named the "touchstone of Renaissance urbanism;" in 1996, UNESCO declared the town a World Heritage Site.
Pienza was rebuilt from a village called Corsignano, which was the birthplace of Enea Silvio Piccolomini (1405), a Renaissance humanist born into an exiled Sienese family. He later became Pope Pio II and once he became Pope, Piccolomini had the entire village rebuilt as an ideal Renaissance town.

Then, with your private local guide, you will explore the hidden streets of the village and the Palazzo Piccolomini, which is the principal residence on the east side. It has three stories, articulated by pilasters and entablature courses, with a twin-lighted cross window set within each bay. We will also visit the Duomo (Cathedral), which dominates the center of the piazza, the Palazzo Vescovile and Palazzo Comunale.


Guided tour of the charming village of Montalcino ...

To all those who reach the town from the valley, the imposing fourteenth century Fortress offers a clear view of the urban plan of Montalcino.  It is a medieval town with a military layout, furrowed with narrow, steep roads. Among the numerous churches of the fourteenth century, St. Agostino, the neoclassic Cathedral, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del soccorso and St.Egidio, the church of the “Sienese,” sharply stand out.

This territory, characterized by a thick mantle of woods, and the traditional cultivations of wines and olive-trees, opens in a prospective where you can visually lose yourself in the Val d'Orcia landscapes.  

Here we will hold an organized food and wine tasting.

Drop off to the hotel at the end of the day. 

street in pienza

day trip from rome to montalcino

tasting in Montalcino Vinery