Day trip from Rome to Ostia

Discovering an ancient city between the Tiber and the sea
One day in Ostia Antica walking back in time

Ostia near Rome



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On the Roman seaside there are the amazing ruins of an ancient city called Ostia which grew up between the V and the IV century A.D., that was completely covered by one of Tiber’s floods in 1557. Because of that, current visitors are still enabled to experience the noisy and frenzied Roman way of life on a seaside commercial city.
Crossing the main long street, the so called decumanus maximus, you will be able to admire gigantic public baths, massive barracks, a huge theatre, luxurious houses decorated with colourful mosaics, and buildings for all cults (pagan, christian and jewish), seeing Roman everyday life taking physical shape in front of your eyes.

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Beside the ancient city, after it was progressively abandoned, a further centre was developped in the Early Middle Ages by pope Gregory IX, who wanted to exploit the area as a commercial stopover and customs. Inside the so called Rocca (stronghold), there are the main monuments of the old flourishing medieval city: the evocative christian church dedicated to Saint Aurea, the bishop palace and the austere fortress designed for cardenal Giuliano della Rovere, later named pope Julius II at the beginning of the 1500’s.

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