Day trips from Rome to Saturnia and Pitigliano

Artificial canyons created by the Etruscans over 2,500 years ago, and the natural thermal spas of Saturnia

Palazzo Orsini in Pitigliano



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Pitigliano is situated 313 metres above sea level on a fascinating and beautiful tuff promontory, bounded by green valleys through which the Lente and Meleta Rivers flow. The Etruscan name is not known: perhaps it was derived from Statnes (or Staties) which in Roman times became Prefecture, and was later called Statonia.

The name Pitigliano however, would seem to have been derived from Petilia, an important Roman family who gave their own name to various places. According to an ancient legend, the town was founded by two Romans: Petilio and Celiano: the name of Pitigliano would have been derived by the combination of their names.

  Guided excursions within the village and in to the wild to discover the artificial canyons dug by the Etruscans over 2,500 years ago to be used as highways through the wild countryside of Southern Tuscany.

Pitigliano, called "the Little Jerusalem,"
preserves, within its defensive walls, an old Synagogue and Jewish Ghetto. Jewish people found refuge here during the persecutions of past centuries

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According to legend, the God Saturn, who was furious with mankind for fighting so many wars against each other, threw lightning towards this region. A crater formed at the point where the lightning hit the ground and warm sulphurous water came out, flooding the entire area and peace was made.

Guided tour of the ancient burg and the water spring, the "Sorgenti del Mulino" (the Spring of the Mill)

Drop off to the hotel at the end of the day

Etruscan Canyons

church in Saturnia village

thermal water in Saturnia