vulci and roman near rome

Laurence said "Something disquieting, something very beautiful"

Here laughed the Etruscan, one day, lying with his eyes at ground level, looking at the marina.
It welcomed the multi-faceted in his eyes and quiet beauty of the land and thriving young man, the mystery which had sucked ... gaily...

Uffizi museum in Florence

Florence: The Uffizi Museum and the Historical Residences

To discover the masterpieces which led to Florence becoming the "world capital of art"
Available by train.... is cheap and funny!!!!

Etruscan tomb in Tarquinia

Archeological Museum in Tarquinia and Etruscan Tombs

A trip to discover the etruscan heritage and medieval abbeys in the village of Tuscania near Rome

Viterbo the palace of popes

Popes chose Viterbo as the site of the Papacy for the entire 13th century…
Medieval quarters, renaissance villas and italian gardens for an unforgettable experience.
Available by train.... is cheap and funny!!!!

Etruscan pottery tarquinia
Cheese Class and Etruscan heritage

Learn how to make cheese from scratch with your hands!
and then discover the Etruscan heritage.

chapel in the tufa rock

The Monks who lived in the tufa rock

Monks who once lived in Northern Lazio as hermits,
dug churches and convents into the Tufa rock.….
Marta, a fisherman's village on Lake Bolsena…

tours of Ostia antica
Day trips from Rome to Ostia

Discovering an ancient city between the Tiber and the sea.
One day in Ostia Antica walking back in time

Tarocchi garden in tuscany tour

Art and Archeology in the tuscan Maremma

The archaeological site of Cosa:
an ancient Roman colony overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea

ancient village of tuscania

Food and wine in a Medieval town

Pilgrims who traveled along the Via Francigena.
from Canterbury to Rome would stop along the way to rest.


From the grape to the glass…The heritage of wine making influenced generations of wine producers through the centuries…

Medici Riccardi palace in Florence
Nice to meet you Michelangelo and Historical Garden in Florence

A specail experience to meet a special artist...
Available by train.... is cheap and funny!!!!

towers in Sangimignano
Day trips from Rome to discover San Gimignano and Monteriggioni

A day to discover two famous ancient tuscan vilagges all over the word.


Day trip from Rome to Cerveteri

A city of the dead and a city on the rock.

One day in Cerveteri, a main Etruscan city-state.

Highlights tour in Florence

Day trips from Rome to Florence - Highlights and Artisans

To visit some of the city’s eternal masterpieces:
Michelangelo's David, Academy Gallery, Baptistery,  Giotto's bell tower and meeting the artisans...
Available by train.... is cheap and funny!!!!

Viterbo the City of Popes, Farnese Palace and Monster park

A beautiful day to discover art, history, and an ancient italian culture

appia antica
Day trips to Appia antica

Crossing the “queen of streets”

One day visitng the archeological ruins along the ancient Appia street