History and art of winemaking in Torgiano and Bettona

From the grape to the glass…
The heritage of wine making influenced generations of wine producers through the centuries…

Museum of Oil olive in Torgiano


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Walk with your private guide along the Route of Wine and Art visiting vineyards where contemporary art is installed. Works of art by Joaquin Roca-Rey, Nino Caruso, and Umberto Mastroianni. 

Then visit the Museum of Wine in the town of Torgiano. A veritable time machine that travels across 5000 years of history. Wine as you have never seen it before: not only fermented grape juice but a fascinating product that is also culture. Through archeological finds, ceramics collections, glassware, engravings and ethnographic collections, all the secrets of a fascinating product with an engrossing history.

The guided tour continues in the Museum of Olive Oil. On display are artworks and historical finds regarding the mythological origins of the olive tree, the use of oil as a source of light and heat, in religion, medicine and nutrition, in sports and cosmetics. Finally, olive oil as a significant element in cultural imagery, which has attributed symbolic, propitiatory and curative values to the olive tree and to its oil.  

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The Burg of Bettona - also mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his Historia Naturalis - is surrounded by a circle of walls built for defense by the Etruscans, the civilization that inhabited the area since pre-Roman times.

Your guide will introduce you to the history of landscape painting in Umbria, from Giotto to Jacopo Siculo… making links between the history of art, local traditions, cuisine and the fundamentals of local e conomy: olive trees, grapes and grains.

Tour of the Museum of Bettona, which hosts a collection of works of art coming from religious institutions that were suppressed after the unification of Italy (1870). The most important paintings belong to the Umbrian school which, between the 15th and 16thCentury, reached its finest peak with painters such as Perugino, Tiberio d'Assisi, Fiorenzo di Lorenzo and Dono Doni

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meseum of wine


museum in Bettona

ancient palace in umbria