Leonardo at Capitoline Museums

posted Jan 13, 2012, 6:30 AM by Stefano Capoccioni
Roma musei capitolini
For the first time offers the public a thorough comparison between the two Masters of the Italian Renaissance. The roman exhibition, set up at Capitoline Museums until 19 of February, shows sixty-six drawings: the ones of Leonardo are from the collection Veneranda Bibilioteca Ambrosiana Milan, the ones of Michelangelo are from Fondazione Casa Buonarroti Florence.

The exhibition is divided into three sections. The initial one, "Masterpieces of Masterpieces," shows nine masterpieces of Leonardo (mechanical inventions, art, hydraulic, study of the geometry, the flight of birds and the mechanic flight) set to "confrontation" with the nine most famous drawings  by Michelangelo, from the collection Casa Buonarroti, such as the “Naked back”, the enigmatic “Cleopatra” and the “Head of Leda”.

The second section, divided into several subsections, deepens the stay in Rome of the two artists ranging from Leonardo’s love for the '"architecture" to "Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel and the Pauline Chapel."

The exhibition ends with the third section called "Following up the Genius", a selection of some works of great importance produced by artists who were subject to strong influence of the two Masters.